See What Our Guests Are Saying…

“I can’t wait to come back!”

“We’ve been coming for 8 years. This year I spent a lot of time in the craft shop (beading) because of the rain. When the weather allowed, we got out to sail, which is my very favorite thing to do at Silver Bay. Props to the boat house crew – they’re great!”

“I love Silver Bay! I recommend it to everyone and usually bring up several people a year.”

“My family had a wonderful vacation at Silver Bay.”

“My stay was very relaxing and spiritual.”

“I adore Silver Bay and find the employees to be warm and helpful. It is the highlight of my year. Many thanks.”

“What a great first-time stay – we will definitely be back. The attention from all the staff was excellent. I want to particularly call out the great experiences our boys had with the staff of the climbing wall — they were cheerful, encouraging, patient, friendly, and always very careful and safety-conscious.”

“I have been coming to SBA since 1991 – my favorite place on earth.”

“I came to the YMCA primarily due to my interest in the Sunfish sailboats. I was pleasantly surprised by the state of the boats – clearly well maintained and enough that no one had to wait to sail.”

“I was totally blown away by the tranquility of Silver Bay and the friendliness of the staff and folks staying there. I will definitely be coming back next year with my family this time.”

“Silver Bay YMCA is AMAZING – the people are so welcoming and special, the campus is pristine, and everything is magical.”

“We loved our stay this year at Silver Bay… our best year yet!”

“We love Silver Bay YMCA and are so grateful for the generosity of the Military Program. Your staff are lovely and activities are abundant. It’s really a place to go and feel centered again. Thank you!”

“The campus and the lake are beautiful.”

“We had an outstanding time at Silver Bay – the staff are the best that you’ll ever find anywhere.”

“I can understand why my daughter returned here a second year to work and be a part of her university fellowship group. My sister and I stayed for two days at the lodge, and had a blast meeting everyone and attending two nights of the play in August. Everyone was so welcoming to us “new bay” people, and we would love to return.”