“Where’s the 3 Point Line?”

DSC_0257 (2)The Silver Bay basketball court in the Fisher Gymnasium, like most of our campus, has a pretty interesting history!

Dr. James Naismith, Springfield College professor and inventor of the game of basketball, taught the game to guests and students at Silver Bay. When he was teaching this game, there was no three point line on the court. The court still maintains that unique feature in honor of Dr. James Naismith!

So while you’re shooting hoops and start to wonder where the three point line is, don’t worry, we didn’t forget to paint it on the court. It’s just a small part of Silver Bay’s rich history!

Meet Carolyn Close

carolynCarolyn Close grew up in Buffalo, NY and spent her summers on a lake in Canada. This is where her love for boating and the outdoors began.

Carolyn is currently our Chief Operating Officer but her journey with Silver Bay began in 1990. Carolyn started as an Emp (employee) in Food Service and then moved to the Boathouse where she stayed for the next 8 summers.

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Meet Steve Tamm

14JAN18 Steve XC to L AusableSteve Tamm has been CEO of Silver Bay YMCA since 2015. As CEO, Steve ensures that Silver Bay is positioning itself properly so we can fulfill our mission of impacting people in a meaningful way.

Steve was born in Brooklyn and grew up in NYC. He lived in Virginia, California and Connecticut before moving to upstate New York. He spent 24 years in the international aviation and aviation services business before he felt led by God to take a different path and start working in the non-profit world.

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Accommodations For All!

Inn outside

With so many accommodation options at Silver Bay YMCA, choosing the perfect one might be a little overwhelming.

But, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Start by asking yourself, “what’s most important to my group?”

Would you prefer private bath rooms, or is sharing them with other guests okay?

Where on campus would you like to be? Do you want to be closer to archery and the dining hall, or is the beach more your scene?

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Youth Retreats

jump ball great 6Silver Bay YMCA is the perfect location to host your next Youth Retreat!

Our variety of outdoor and indoor program areas and different meeting spaces are sure to meet any needs that you may have.

Personalized programming is offered upon request to groups that may have a particular goal to reach or lesson to teach! We do everything we can to customize activities to fit your group’s needs.

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What You’ll Hear At Silver Bay

gather small

Music is a language the whole world speaks. Here at Silver Bay YMCA we offer a variety of musical performances over the Summer that are sure to get your feet tapping and hips swinging.

On Sunday nights this Summer you can hear the Silver Bay String Quartet and Pianist playing from the Chapel.

Our concert series provides a mixture of bluegrass, jazz, pop-rock, and many more genres that everyone is sure to enjoy!

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